Celebration of International Youth Day 2020 on NewsHour

SERAC-Bangladesh, supported by Right Here Right Now Bangladesh Platform celebrated #InternationalYouthDay2020 by hosting a blissful session on NewsHour Portal with the global aim align with RHRN long term objective of highlighting the three interconnected streams in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional health politics and decision making table can be significantly enhanced to make space for youth rights especially on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The session was moderated by Tareq Salahuddin, Editor & Special Correspondent of NewsHour. The panel discussants were Quazi AKM Mohiul Islam, Former Director General of Family Planning; Monjun Nahar, Advocacy Manager, Marie Stopes Bangladesh and Tasnia Ahmed, Program Officer of SERAC-Bangladesh.

Quazi AKM Mohiul Islam stated that from local level to national level government authorities, everyone spreads their hand for youth active participation in every sphere of geography, economy, academy, health politics and social development, as well as the existing committees of youth empowerment and development on Director General of Family Planning are working very actively in this COVID19 crisis to combat the youth challenges and make concrete and sustainable solutions to ensure inclusivity.

Monjun Nahar added that youth and adolescent should get the priority to work more closely with the Government national committee and take the chance to share their opinions, experiences and demands so that the voice is counted significantly in policy and decision level. Moreover, the capacity building training/workshops must be assembled for the skill development.

Tasnia Ahmed mentioned that there are so many rules to engage youth in the national steering committee, but again she asked the question about the implementation of making space for youth and counting the voice of youth.

The overall discussion covered the assurance of quality and friendly health services as youth rights rather than quantitative, influence policy makers by introducing comprehensive and inclusive in health and education sector, renew commitment for meaningful inclusive youth participation (MIYP) in decision making process to global advocacy, explore different ways to maximize youth engagement and creative ways of addressing the issues across all scales by thinking of all youth, including those from diverse backgrounds such as youth with disabilities, diverse gender identities, young women and girls, and migrants and refugees and create a Take-away package from event and identify specific and actionable items that include the kinds of institutional engagement that can benefit the community with some fruitful discussion and points to share with your local leaders or community planners.

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