SERAC Campus Coordinator Intake 2020-2021

We’re looking for some change-makers. If you believe you can be honest and dedicated for social change…

This is a special call only for young people studying at schools, colleges, madrasah, universities in any place in Bangladesh.

“In this cross-functional role, you’ll be an agent of our programs across local, national, regional, and global levels representing your community and academic institution”

Two guiding principles for candidates to work at SERAC-Bangladesh are: Honesty and Dedication.

So here are THE PRIVILEGES you may get becoming a campus coordinator-

-Joining an official United Nations ECOSOC special consultative status organization.
-Priority access to local and national events.
-Knowledge on youth issues, including health, human rights, advocacy, gender, education, and many more!
-Part of a wide youth networking.
-Mentoring from several country leaders of global youth networks
-Joining SERAC executive team in future !
-last but not least, participating at the government and United Nations official meetings, and other international dialogues in-country and abroad!

To ensure you are the right person, here are some basic criteria to follow:
a) Citizen and permanent resident of Bangladesh.
b) Based in anywhere in Bangladesh
c) No experience needed, your passion is enough!
d) *Willingness to LEAD!
e) Willingness to work voluntarily.
f) You must be an enrolled student of a university, college, madrasah, or a school.
g) Aged between 13-25

Do you think it’s you?

Then APPLY before July 5, 2020.

Application link:

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