Busting Stigma to Ensure Access to Safe Menstrual Regulation for Youth

Menstrual Regulation has been the main practice to terminate a pregnancy and the law allows women to access this service only by the first trimester. However there remains a dark room for those who were married off before the legal age of 18, and as per UNICEF (2014) every 1 in 3 girls in Bangladesh face early marriage before the age of 18. Moreover, other unintended pregnancies including rape also drive them to go for unsafe MR practices and costs the lives of many. Again, in most Muslim families, MR is considered a sin, and so it is quite difficult to intervene in societies with express logic, because of the taboo.

Moreover, with the increasing number of quack clinics in the urban areas, and middlemen’s interests in diverting potential MR patients to those are becoming a new threat to maternal health improvement. So, a developing a fun based game tool for youth groups on an offline mobile app that will include all ‘know how’ what are real medical facts and necessity for menstrual regulation, busting myth and stigma at family levels, and what are the safe MR centers/facilities existing in a city/rural set up would make a successful intervention in reducing unsafe MR risks, and fight stigma among young people.

The project is being implemented for the period of April-2017 to December-2017 in Bangladesh with the support from Ipas through inroads seed grant.