Peace, Resilience, and Harmony Program

This window of SERAC-Bangladesh specifically explores the opportunities of engaging and mobilizing young people and build their capacity to become leaders in peacebuilding, pluralism, dialogue, and harmony among and within communities.

The base of this program was motivated by the UN Secretary-General’s report on youth and peace and security since the Security Council adopted resolution 2250 (2015) was released March 2020. Resolution 2250 recognized the essential role of young people in preventing and resolving conflicts and in sustaining peace, which was reaffirmed in Security Council resolution 2419 (2018)

SERAC has been working closely with campus based youth groups, and its chapters to promote peaceful coexistence among youth population which are supported by two major initiatives:

a. Peace Adda (Peace Dialogue)
b. Media Literacy, Dialogue and Peacebuilding Training

Peace, Resilience, Harmony Updates

Fostering Unity and Understanding: A Reflection on the Peace Adda at Rajshahi College

In a world marked by diversity and differences, platforms that bring people together to share their perspectives and build bridges of understanding are essential. The recent Peace Adda organized by the #PeaceBuilders unit of Rajshahi, in collaboration with SERAC-Bangladesh, exemplifies the power of dialogue and exchange in fostering unity among people from diverse backgrounds. The […]

Harmony in Discourse: Peace Adda in Barishal

In the riverine  city of Barishal, an extraordinary Peace Adda unfolded on February 1, 2024—a gathering that echoed the collective voices of young minds determined to pave the way for a more peaceful society. The meeting served as a platform for candid conversations, heartfelt discussions, and a shared commitment to fostering unity in Barishal. Discussions […]

PeaceBuilders in Mymensingh Discussed Youth Human Rights Concerns

‘Peace Adda’ is a unique project of SERAC-Bangladesh to accelerate peace, human rights, thought leadership, and to promote cohesion among youths turning them into #PeaceBuilders. Today the #PeaceBuilders unit of Mymensingh hosted a vibrant discussion with university students from Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University in Trishal engaging them in an opinion exchange around recent […]

Let’s Walk Together for Peace

A "Peace walk” was organized by SERAC-Bangladesh at Dhaka with the theme ‘Let's walk together for peace’. It brought together around 100 people from different backgrounds and ages. The purpose of the walk was to promote peace, harmony, and unity among the residents of Dhaka. The event ended with a collective pledge to continue advocating [...]