Project Poribartan for Self-Employment of Young Women Inaugurated

SERAC-Bangladesh has initiated a lifestyle-changing project titled Poribartan that aims at providing vocational training to 50 disadvantaged and slum-living young women on handicrafts and usable goods in Mymensingh town.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education and ICT) of Mymensingh Muhammad Abdul Ahad and SERAC-Bangladesh’s Executive Director S M Shaikat inaugurated the project at SERAC-Bangladesh Hall Room in Mymensingh on Friday, April 25, 2014, at 4 PM.

The selected trainees of the project will learn to make show-pieces, envelopes, and goods made of recycled papers, cloth and beats. SERAC-Bangladesh officials have also confirmed to provide marketing and linkage support after the training, to develop entrepreneurship of the trained women.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Mymensingh Muhammad Abdul Ahad said, This kind of initiative obviously deserves appraisal?. He committed to supporting the trainees in any way possible on his part.

SERAC-Bangladesh’s Executive Director S M Shaikat said The name of Poribartan itself clarifies that it is intended to change the socio-economic status of these participants.?

Poribartan, the Earth Talent award winner project is supported by SDV-Bangladesh, the sister concern of a France-based global company named Bollore.

The event was attended by many others including SERAC-Bangladesh’s Program Manager Manjuda Akter, Program Officer Oli Ahad, Project Officer Barkat Ullah Bhuiyan, and Rakit Hasan Tito.