The year 2015 could potentially be the point of transition to a bold, new generation of people-centered and planet-sensitive development and the beginning of a strong movement for transformational change. Achieving a new social contract that reflects a strong and radical narrative of hope and transformation however requires a concerted effort across existing and prospective civil society platforms, effective cooperation with social movements and a major push for citizens and communities around the world to be engaged with shaping the post-2015 global development agenda. To make the most of the opportunities 2015 presents, our campaign will harness and amplify the creative energy, expertise, resources and power of the broadest spectrum of civil society through a decentralized, responsive and agile coordination structure.

As a continuation of our previous work on Sustainable Development Goals, the newly planned campaign activities will create a bridge between the public and policymakers with more strategic engagement, collaboration and action steps. Public mobilization will make the government for the implementation of SDGs.

The objective of this project is to mobilize 4 million people across the country and thereby create nationwide public demand for ambitious Sustainable Development Goals and Government of Bangladesh support.

The Action/2015-Support post-2015 agenda is- `End all forms of violence against women and children, reduce inequality and Injustice to end poverty and develop accountability framework for SDGs’.

The project is launched on January 15, 2015, in Bangladesh and globally and SERAC-Bangladesh as a member of the Action/2015 Bangladesh Coalition (made of World Vision Bangladesh, Help Age International, SERAC-Bangladesh, Brit and Steps towards Development) is mobilizing youth, children and women to join their opinions into the post-2015 development agenda.

There are diverse actions and resolutions taken by the uncounted number of people all over Bangladesh