SERAC-Bangladesh is considered as a pioneer in primary and mass education programs in greater Mymensingh region. We have been working on primary and mass education in direct partnership with the government since 1998. Prior to that, SERAC worked with BRAC in its Education Support Program (ESP) during 1994-1995 period in Mymensingh.

The major programs include:

  • Education support program with BRAC-1994-1995.
  • Non-formal Education Project with the Department of Non-formal Education (DNFE) during 1999-2008 in different sub-districts, (Fulpur, Nandail, Gauripur and Muktagacha) of Mymensingh.
  • Post Literacy and Continuing Education for Human Development (PLCEHD-1) with the Bureau of?Non-formal Education (DNFE) during 2003-2008 in different sub-districts, (Gauripur and Muktagacha) of Mymensingh.
  • 5 primary schools set up program with the Directorate of ?in Ishwarganj and Nandail sub-districts of Mymensingh.

Some of the snapshots of those programs are: