UNICEF reports that the rate of child marriage in Bangladesh is very high as 66% of girls are married off before 18. New brides are expected to work in their husbands’ households and are subject to the same hazards as child domestic workers. Child marriage has been illegal in Bangladesh since 1929, and the minimum age of marriage has been set at 18 for women and 21 for men since the 1980s.

The proposed geographic area Mymensingh is one of the most top districts in the country that has numerous child marriage cases recorded on a regular basis, while many go unrecorded.

This project is intervening with the bottom-up approach by teaching girls to write to protect themselves from child marriage. The idea is to educate 250 young girls on how to write to the government and law enforcement agencies, and gatekeepers who are in charge of taking action on child marriage prevention law enforcement in the Muktagacha sub-district of Mymensingh district.

The project is running since August-2017 with the support from Women Deliver, USA

Documentary on Write to Rise