House of Hope

The House of Hope project is a unique window that works as a community store-house for used/second-hand cloths and reusable stuffs donated by rich or economically able community people for those who cannot afford or living in poverty or in the streets, slums. The House of Hope center in Mymensingh is voluntarily managed by SERAC-Bangladesh and accommodate the store house by lending rooms and volunteers. The store house is a gateway to donate cloths, foods, books, or any other reusable commodities that will help disadvantaged people live with a minimum basic needs.

House of Hope is a project that benefits the poor people in the society through others’ supports. Anyone can donate their unused products through House of Hope Project. This project is supported by ‘The Pollination Project’ and hosted by ‘SERAC-Bangladesh’.

adad1The founder of House of Hope Project and Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh S M Shaikat believes that this project can establish balance in society. By this project unprivileged people of society can get their essential things and lead their life comfortably. He also said that, his passion is to put end on disparities and sufferings for basic needs like food, clothes, education, health service, and shelter.sdfsdsd1Through this Center, poverty affected families, disadvantaged children, older people in need of food and basic needs are being served.

SERAC volunteers collect the donated goods from the donors from door to door from Tuesday to Sunday every week. The distribution day is Monday of every week.  SERAC-Bangladesh’s project officer Barkatullah Bhuiyan and program Officer Sobraj Al Akand are together working on this project to support volunteers.

To get update information about collecting & distributing products of House of Hope please get in touch over our facebook page SERAC-Bangladesh and website. If you want to take a part of House of Hope as a volunteers or donor, we warmly invite you to participate us.

If you need any information about this project then contact us with our hotline number o1770 014730.