Youth Champions Ending Child Marriage

MD.Jannatul Hasan Ferdous

R.K Government high school
Kumargata, Muktagacha, Mymensingh

I am Jannatul Ferdous and I am working actively in my area to stop Child marriage. We have been continuing our advocacy in our area by making families understand the negative impacts of child marriage.

Suborna Akter Shoshi

Gouripur pilot girls’ high school
Gouripur, Mymensingh

I along with my peers are working actively in increasing awareness about Child marriage and informing people about the importance of preventing child marriage and is still working on it.

Farzana Akter Maria

Mankon High School
Nandibari, Muktagacha

I have stopped a child marriage in my area with the help of the police commissioner. At first I collected the age details of the bride to be, later it was identified that her age was only 14 years and 5 months after which I informed the police commissioner and UNO and with their help I was able to stop the child marriage.

Md.Mohidul Islam

Muktagacha R.K Government High School
Muktagacha, Mymensingh

I have organized human chains in my area and have created posters against child marriage with my fellow and peers. We have also conducted several awareness campaigns to raise awareness among people.

Mst. Mahima Hasan Muslima

R.k Govt. High School
Khagdohor, Mymensingh

I have been conducting several campaigns to raise awareness in order to prevent child marriage and also advocating families so that they do not get their underaged daughters married.

Suborna akter

Patgudam high school,
Patgudam Atani Pokur Par Mymensingh

My cousin was only 13 years old and used to read in class 5, when my grandfather arranged her marriage despite her parents’ disapproval as he was the head of the family. Even he did not bother my mother’s objection in this matter. Seeing no other option I called 109 who then linked me with Muktagacha Police station. Later at 2am I along with the police were able to call off this marriage.

Md. Riyad Hossen

Fatema Nagor High School,
Fatema Nagor, Trishal, Mymensingh

I have been able to stop my friend’s life from getting destroyed. I am Md.Riyad Hossen and I am currently studying in Fatema Nagar High School, Trishal. I have been trying to raise awareness about the negative impacts of child marriage among friends and neighbours through campaigns and advocacy. My friend’s marriage was fixed suddenly and I raised an objection and was able to stop it by making them understand the problems and impacts.

Lamia Akter

Purabari High School

I have taken part in child marriage resistance training arranged and organized by SERAC- Bangladesh through which now I can stop child marriage in my areas by taking proper steps and also can aware my friends, family and neighbours about it.