SERAC-Bangladesh looks deep into the root causes for human rights violation at ground level. With history of solving legal praises during 1994 to 2000, SERAC gained the status of a youth led gender advocacy organization in Bangladesh.

In order to align with global and national priority issues on gender equality and rights establishment, SERAC-Bangladesh undertakes effective initiatives and design innovative approaches to reach the most vulnerable section of the society.

We believe—————

We have track records of working with the leading national organizations like BRAC and Madaripur Legal Aid Association while we have global partnership and collaboration with Women Deliver , Young Men for Gender Equality (YM4GE) and many others.

Our current featured project under this program is:

Jagoroni (Social rising for dowry and early marriage prevention)?

Jagoroni is a concept to create a social watchdog by young people to track dowry and child marriage in the district which has been pointed by the law minister as the top in dowry related cases.? The project trained up, a total of 650 young volunteers from 13 sub-districts (50 from each)? to identify dowry situations, legal age of marriage, understanding strategic communications to reach victims, perpetrators and power holders, possible ways of solutions in communities and government administration, and finally to learn using modern online and offline technologies for faster communication regarding dowry and child marriage cases.

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