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Climate Change Art & Photography Contest


YCCJ is organizing a Climate Change Art & Photography Contest in collaboration with KOICA and technical support from SERAC-Bangladesh. This Art Contest promotes social responsibility among the children, adolescents and youth in climate change issues, so that the young generation can be mobilized to protect the environment for their future. The participants from all backgrounds can deal with different environmental issues through their creativity. 

    • Application deadline: 10th April 11:59 p.m. 
  • Announcement: 13 April
  • Awards: 17 April

  • Theme 

Choose any one of these themes or you can set a new theme, 

but still related to the environment or climate change. 

  • Bangladesh’s environmental problem 
  • Climate change in daily life
  • Environmental protection 
  • Requirements 

Anyone who are interested in Climate change and environmental issues

  • Children (6 to 10 years old) – Painting / Drawing
  • Adolescents (11 to 18 years old) – Painting / Drawing
  • Youth (19 to 24 years old) – Photography
  • Submission Guidelines

The submission is only accepted by google form or Email

  • Painting / Drawing 
    • Format: JPG / PNG / PDF
    • Paper size: A2(420×594), A3(294×420), A4(210×297) or art paper
    • Tools: any standard tools (including digital artworks)
  • Photograph
    • Format: JPG / PNG / PDF
    • Photo size: Maximum 5MB
    • Tools: any standard tools 
  • The number of works 

Each applicant can submit maximum 2 pieces of work

  • Registration 

Please choose one 

  • Google Form : https://forms.gle/dLmvfe7cfhwH1gmc8
  • Awards 
  • Fields of awards

Environment Artist / Creative Solutionist / 

                          Master of Sustainability / Green Leadership / Eco Friendship 

  • Online Art exhibition 

The winner’s artwork will be displayed on an online gallery, and YCCJ, SERAC’s social media page and website!  

  • For Inquiry 

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