• Started:2024/07/13 09:00 Ended:2024/07/25 17:00

Community Wellness: World Population Day 2024 SRH Drive


On the occasion of World Population Day 2024, SERAC Bangladesh under the Improving SRHR in Dhaka project has organized an 11-day long community campaign plan with multiple activities. The purpose of this campaign is to celebrate this day, promote Women Plus health facilities, and increase awareness about family planning (FP) services among the community people. The campaign activities will start on 14 July 2024 and will be continued till 25 July 2024. Projonon Shasthya Bondhu, the volunteers in coordination with their respective GP of the project will support to implement the activities at their catchment areas. SERAC-Bangladesh will provide necessary support and follow up the campaign activities with the technical support from Ipas Bangladesh.  This campaign has been organized to achieve the following objectives – 

  • To build awareness about sexual and reproductive health among community people 
  • Promoting nearby sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services 
  • Mobilizing community to receive SRH services. 

Key messages to be promoted

  • Promotion of rights of all to get contraceptive services
  • Promotion of Women Plus Health facilities
  • Promotion of FP, MR, PAC services 
  • Promotion of OGSB telemedicine center 
  • Promotion of Health Camps organized by GPs and volunteers
  • Promotion of Adolescents Reproductive Health Services

Core Activities

Following are the key activities that has been planned and to be carried out during the campaign: 

  • Health camp: Health Camp will be organized in the GP chamber or at the catchment areas to mobilize the communities and inform them about the reproductive health services available in GP chambers and nearby facilities. The General Practitioner will organize the health camp with support from the Projonon Shasthya Bondhu. Each community action group (CAG) will mobilize the community members to visit the health camp. During the health camp BCC materials (Hand Pakha with FP messages, GP leaflet and stickers, OGSB telemedicine center stickers, sanitary napkins) will be distributed among the community members. In total, 8 health camps will be organized during this campaign. Health camp areas –
  1. Khilgaon
  2. Churihatta, Chawkbazar
  3. Madrasa Market
  4. Duaripara, Mirpur
  5. Maniknagar
  6. Faydabad, Uttara
  7. Nobodoy Bazar, Mohammadpur
  8. Bosila, Mohammadpur 
  • Miking: Miking will be conducted in the communities to announce Health Camp activity, to promote the Women Plus health facilities and raise awareness on SRH, especially FP services. Volunteers will coordinate with the respective GP to fix the date for miking and arrange logistics (mike, rickshaw, message) before conduction of miking. A generic miking message has been developed from Improving SRHR in Dhaka project which will be shared with the GPs and the volunteers to conduct the miking in the community. Miking will be done in 8 GP catchment areas. Miking will be continued for 3 hours in each area for 2 days. 
  • Community session: There will be 58 community sessions organized by 14 peer group mentors in 58 GP catchment areas. They will disseminate the information on adolescent health, FP, MR, PAC and SGBV issues with adolescents, mothers, and fathers in the community. In this session, SBCC materials, such as GP stickers, leaflets will be distributed contained with GP chamber information
  • Client Discussion Meeting on Health Camp:  Just before starting the health camp, GPs will take 45 sessions in their chambers with the women on the accessibility and affordability of SRH services, provided by the GPs in their chambers, such as Family planning methods, MR/PAC services. 
  • Sticker campaigns: Volunteers and mentors will distribute and paste the 500 Stickers on OGSB Call Center at pharmacy and community household level as a part of World Population Day 2024.