• Started:2022/06/07 09:00 Ended:2022/06/07 17:00

SRHR Youth Conclave 2022!


SERAC-Bangladesh partnering with IPPF South Asia Region and Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB) is going to organize SRHR Youth Conclave 2022 on June 07, 2022, at Bishaw Shahitto Kendro- Dhaka, with the theme “SRHR for Youth: Break the Ties that Bind”; The event will offer a prime platform for a cross-section of youth, policy-makers and SRHR potential members to meet with each other in one place and exchange ideas, share learning, engage with media and government officials to generate conversations, and develop advocacy objectives for SRHR. The goal of the SRHR Youth Conclave 2022 is to sow the seed of youth-led and youth-centered advocacy and programming on SRHR in the region. By doing so, the aim is-

  • to offer a national platform for young people to self-represent, collaborate, and discuss SRHR
    in ways that matter to them;
  • develop a national-level advocacy agenda on young people’s SRHR issues that is articulated
    by young people themselves; and
  • facilitate the coming together of various stakeholders interested in ensuring youth and adolescents’ access to SRHR, building avenues for partnership and future collaboration.

In this youth conclave, Ms. Aroma Dutta, MP (seat-11), of the national parliament of Bangladesh will be presented as a Chief guest, whereas Mr. Dr. Md. Mahmudur Rahman, line director (MCH-service Unit) of the Directorate of General of Family Planning will chair the session. The Special guest will be Mr.A.F.M Alauddin Khan,(Joint Secretary) project Director of UPHCSDP-II and along with other SRHR potential Government stakeholders. The session will be moderated by the Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh, SM Shaikat.
Besides this, around 100 national-level youth experts will be present to exchange their field experiences and views on SRHR and Family Planning. Different kinds of parallel sessions including Power of assumption on SRHR, Artwork on SRHR, VCAT session through roleplay, Story telling, Networking & Effective Communication and Error game on SRHR will be conducted by different facilitators of SERAC-Bangladesh, Directorate of General of Family Planning (DGFP), FPAB and other youth specialist. The aim of this conclave is to develop youth charter recommendations, followed by development of relevant government stakeholder policy briefs.