Narayanganj Celebrates Its 1st Urban Youth Council Election and Oath Ceremony

On July 9, 2024, the newly elected youth councilors officially took Oath during a ceremonial event held at the Narayanganj City Corporation’s conference room.

SERAC-Bangladesh is implementing the ‘Advancing Engagement by Setting Up Urban Youth Councils in Bangladesh’ with the financial support of UNDEF and technical support from UNHabitat. As part of this project, SERAC-Bangladesh and Narayanganj City Corporation are jointly organizing the Narayanganj 1st Urban Youth Council Election 2024.

The Oath ceremony was attended by Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy, the esteemed Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation, who administered the oath to the youth councilors. Her presence highlighted the importance of this initiative in nurturing a new generation of civic leaders.

The Urban Youth Council aimed to provide a structured platform for the youth of Narayanganj to engage in decision-making and democratic processes that influence their city. The youth council will collaborate with city officials to ensure that young people’s perspectives and needs are considered in urban planning and development. Participation in the council will help young individuals develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills, preparing them for future roles in governance and community development.

The successful execution of the Narayanganj Urban Youth Council Election and the subsequent oath-taking ceremony represents a promising step towards sustainable urban governance. It exemplifies how local government can create meaningful opportunities for youth engagement. This initiative not only sets a precedent for other cities in Bangladesh but also serves as an inspiring model globally, demonstrating the transformative power of youth involvement in urban governance.

Distinguished guests included Mohammad Zakir Hossain, the Chief Executive Officer of Narayanganj City Corporation and Chief Election Commissioner, S M Shaikat, the Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh, and Mohammad Moinul Islam, the Urban Planner of Narayanganj City Corporation. Other notable attendees were councilors from Narayanganj City Corporation, newly elected youth councilors, and key representatives from SERAC-Bangladesh, including Deputy Director (Program) Md. Salim Mia, Associate Program Officer Lutfa Pathan, Finance and Admin Associate Rabeya Akter Munmun, IT and Communication Associate Darul Ahmed Eshan, and Communication Focal of Narayanganj Nobi Nauaj Sakib.