Acknowledging 57000 death and 372000 paralyzed only for tobacco related diseases a year in Bangladesh (WHO data of 2004), ? SERAC-Bangladesh has been working on tobacco control and non communicable disease prevention since 2008. With the youth force and continuous advocacy works SERAC-Bangladesh earned recognitions and representations at local, national and global levels.

Major achievements include, nomination of SERAC-Bangladesh?s Executive Director S M Shaikat as the only youth leader to represent Bangladesh at the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Singapore, 2012, elected as the Asia Regional Representative of the Global Youth Action on Tobacco (GYAT), Scholarship to join the 10th APACT Conference in Japan, 2013 and being nominated as the Convener of the APACT Youth Action Network (AYAN). It is a pleasure for SERAC-Bangladesh that it is holding two large regional youth networks as secretariat for GYAT and AYAN. Further, SERAC-Bangladesh also serves the Youth Forum against NCDs (YFAN) as its secretariat.

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