Adolescent mobilization campaigns on Adolescent Friendly Health Care Services Center to engage Community People

SERAC-Bangladesh under USAID Shukhi Jibon Project supported by Pathfinder International organized Adolescent mobilization campaigns The volunteer peer leaders along with service providers lead community level awareness which links that up to assist visiting adolescents to make them comfortable at the centers and also become a helping hand of the service providers.

At the mobilization campaign, VPLs, with service providers started with adolescent health, SRH information, timing of center, parents behavior towards their children and importance of their friendly behavior described then a Puthi path (video) is screened and the bcc materials; booklet, leaflet distributed among community people. The adolescent mobilization campaigns held in the surrounding area of the selected AFHSC to support adolescent mobilization and awareness in improving service seeking behavior had been placed on 24th July to October 31, 2022 and 100 adolescent mobilization campaigns were held and VPL reached 7534 community people. Among them 5971 are women, adolescent girls, and young married girls too. 1633 are male participants including adolescent boys, male of various occupations.

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