Awareness Campaign by Youth against Grabbing and Pollution

World Environment Day 2014 by SERAC & YCCJ

World Environment Day 2014 by SERAC & YCCJ

The World Environment Day 2014 theme ?Raise your voice, not the sea level? was focus at a awareness campaign led by young volunteers of SERAC-Bangladesh and Youth Coalition for Climate Justice in Mymensingh today. Members of these two organizations alleged on Thursday morning that the major factors behind environment collapse are unplanned industrialization, dumping chemicals into rivers and sea, deforestation, Landslides, sound pollution etc. They also complaint about use of fossil fuels used at home and brick fields, grabbing water bodies, increase of vehicles, and the air pollution caused by these vehicles. These are also increasing toxic gases and impacting climate change. As a result countries below the sea level are facing risks of sinking and especially Bangladesh, Maldives and countries including Sri Lanka has become more prone to this impact.

To aware mass people on environment protection, the young volunteers carried placards with different environment protection slogans at Mymensingh Park. Organizers reported at least 100 youth vowed to become active in environment saving activities.

Youth Coalition for Climate Justice?s President S M Shaikat said, the entire world has risen on climate change impact. So, if we fail to do the right thing for our environment on time, the result will be disastrous and we may lose our loving land, livelihoods, and overall initiatives for development.

SERAC-Bangladesh?s Program Manager Manjuda Akter said, young people can change the country. This county is ours and we have to come forward to save it for our existence.

The event was attended by others including SERAC?s program officer Oli Ahad, Project Officer Md Barkat Ullah Bhuiyan and Project Assistant Rakit Hasan Tito.

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