Break Taboos to Uphold SRHR (SRHR Youth Conclave 2022!)

SERAC-Bangladesh partnering with IPPF South Asia Region and Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB) organize SRHR Youth Conclave 2022 on June 07, 2022, at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro- Dhaka, with the theme “SRHR for Youth: Break the Ties that Bind”; The event has offered a prime platform for a cross-section of youth, policy-makers, and SRHR potential members to meet with each other in one place and exchange ideas, share learning, engage with media and government officials to generate conversations and develop advocacy objectives for SRHR. The goal of the SRHR Youth Conclave 2022 was to sow the seed of youth-led and youth-centered advocacy and programming on SRHR in the region.

In this youth conclave, Mr. Dr. Md. Mahmudur Rahman, Line Director (MCH-service Unit) of the Directorate General of Family Planning chaired the plenary session. The Special guest was Mr. A. F. M Alauddin Khan, (Joint Secretary) Project Director of UPHCSDP-II and along with other SRHR potential Government stakeholders. The session was moderated by the Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh, SM Shaikat. Besides this, around 100 national-level youth experts were present to exchange their field experiences and views on SRHR and Family Planning. The aim of this conclave was to develop youth charter recommendations, followed by the development of relevant government stakeholder policy briefs. 

There were 6 parallel sessions on different topics. 100 SRHR expert young people from all over the country joined the conclave to contribute and develop the youth charter successfully. The ‘Power of Assumption’ session was led by Tasnia Ahmed, Program Manager, SERAC-Bangladesh. In the session all the participants shared their point of views around SRHR topic which assisted them to find the comparison of real field scenarios. ‘Art work on SRHR’ session was conducted by Hosne Jahan and Dewan Tanvir Ahmed, both Program Officers of Family Planning Association of Bangladesh. A big canvas was introduced by the hosts for painting, the expression or feeling around SRHR and youth perspectives by the participants. ‘Value Clarification and Attitude Transformation (VCAT) through role play’ session was conducted by Dr. Manjur Hossain, Program Manager Of MCH- Services Unit, Directorate General of Family Planning. This session focused on understanding the values and transforming the attitudes positively of the community around Youth SRHR. Story storytelling’ session was again propelled by Hosne Jahan and Dewan Tanvir Ahmed. Sharing the social field experience through storytelling with the participants with a failure or successor point of view. The stories were full of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and instilling moral values. ‘Networking and Strategic Communication’ session was hosted by SM Shaikat, Executive Director SERAC-Bangladesh. It was one of engaging sessions where all the participants participated spontaneously. He learned how to communicate effectively and build networks. ‘Error game on SRHR’ session was conducted by Md. Sariful Islam, Youth Engagement and Peacebuilding Specialist. This was a myth-based session, where participants shared the existing point of views in their community around SRHR and youth. And lastly, the Youth Charter Development session was facilitated by Shanuki de Alwis, Advocacy & Communications Consultant of IPPF SARO and co-facilitated by Khadija Kalam, SBCC Officer of SERAC-Bangladesh. Through this session, young people collaborated and developed an advocacy charter outlining areas of priority within the SRHR world that are of importance and relevant to them. This National Advocacy Charter was articulated and prioritized by young people for further advocacy around improving quality SRH services. 

The Conclave also provided networking opportunities for these young individuals for enhanced collaboration and alliance purposes. The goal of conducting this program is to connect the youth, who make up around 50% of the country’s population, with the knowledge, talents, and expertise of prominent, experienced, and amazing individuals in many disciplines of the country in order to contribute to the SRHR fields. The Conclave served as a dissemination platform for the exchange of ideas by young leaders in SRHR to their younger counterparts, to build their capacity and empower them with the leadership qualities essential in spearheading the cause of SRHR in their communities.

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