Bring Murderers of Razon to Justice through Speedy Trial

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People in Bangladesh has become fiercely and protesting against the brutal killing of a 13 years old boy Razon in Sylhet couple of days back. This single incident has challenged the country?s law and justice system and human rights situation. The video is already shared on social media and media is complaining that police was primarily negligent in taking action considering Razon belonged to a poor family.

Later with high pressure from public and media, police took rapid action to arrest few of the perpetrators over the last two days. Still there are more out of the hands of law. Over this issue, SERAC-Bangladesh organized a protest assembly with young volunteers on Tuesday morning in front of Mymensingh press club. Attendees tied black ribbons on their eyes to symbolize terrible blindness of society and gaps in the legal system in protecting a child.


Protesters stood with slogans demanding actions to arrest the alleged criminals and treat them with speedy trial. Besides, they urged the administration, and all concerned to be more proactive in preventing repetition of similar incidents in future.

Attendees included SERAC-Bangladesh?s executive director & human rights activist S M Shaikat, assistant director (programs) Pulak Roy, Program Manager Md. Oli Ahad, Program Officer Fatema Khatun Mousomi, Project Officer Barkatullah Bhuyan, representative of Youth Ending Hunder Ashikur Rahman Pabel, young volunteers of SERAC Naim, Sayeed, Sathi, Rabbi, and many others joined the protest.

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