Climate Change Art & Photography Contest

The Youth Coalition for Climate Justice (YCCJ), in partnership with KOICA and KIDC and supported by SERAC-Bangladesh, organized a Climate Change Art & Photography Contest. The contest aimed to raise awareness among children, adolescents, and youth about social responsibility concerning climate change and encourage effective actions for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.

Participants were invited to submit their artwork and photographs related to various aspects of climate change, such as environmental issues in Bangladesh, daily life impacts of climate change, environmental conservation, and the interests and concerns of different age groups. The contest received submissions in the form of traditional artwork, digital paintings, and photographs captured through mobile phones, cameras, or DSLRs.

This contest serves as a platform to amplify the voices and perspectives of young individuals regarding climate change. It not only acknowledges the efforts of the participants but also fosters a sense of responsibility and encourages proactive steps towards addressing climate change issues.

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