Content Development Workshop (Mymensingh)

SERAC-Bangladesh has recently initiated the “Knowledge SUCCESS” project supported by USAID to create audiovisual materials on family planning and SRH awareness for adolescents in five districts of the country with the coordination of the Directorate General of Family Planning. As part of the program activity, ‘Mymensingh Content Development Workshop’ was held on 19 June, 2023 at the heart of the city.

The welcome address and introduction segment of the event were conducted by Mr. Salim Mia, Assistant Director (Program) of SERAC-Bangladesh. Ms. Nusrat Sharmin Resma, Senior Program Officer of SERAC-Bangladesh analyzed a thematic presentation addressing the objective of the project through the creation of audiovisual materials in regional languages in five divisions. The Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh Mr. SM Shaikat Moderated the expert panel discussion. Mr. Md. Abdul Awal, Divisional Director of Family Planning, Mymensingh Division; Mr. Kamal Hossain, Assistant Director of Family Planning, Mymensingh Division; Engineer Mr. Nurul Amin Kalam, General Editor, Jela Nagorik Andolon, Mymensingh; Dr. M. Kamal Uddin, Associate Professor, Department of Drama, Kazi Nazrul Islam University; Subarna Poly Drong, Executive Director, Shanti Mitra Samaj Kalyan Sangha, Mymensingh; Ms. Nusrat Jahan, District Youth Mobilizer, BRAC, Mymensingh, were also present at the event.


Mr. Kamal Hossain, Assistant Director of Family Planning, Mymensingh, praised the innovative ‘Puthi’ developed by SERAC-Bangladesh and said, “Due to various reasons, there are some limitations in disseminating awareness-related information at all levels. These creative audiovisual tools created by SERAC-Bangladesh will further enhance our programs and expedite the process of delivering consciousness-raising information.”

Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin, Associate Professor of the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at Kazi Nazrul Islam University, said, “It is essential to present tradition in a relevant manner to make it accessible to different generations.” Additionally, he provided guidance on creating content related to various traditional music and theatrical theories through examples.

Engineer Mr. Nurul Amin Kalam, from Jela Nagorik Andolon Mymensingh stated, “Through such initiatives, the stereotypes and prejudices in the rural areas of Mymensingh are being eradicated.” He requested the Family Planning officials to support the ongoing innovative program of SERAC-Bangladesh and the private development organization to ensure its continuity.

The Chief Guest of the event, Mr. Abdul Awal, Divisional Director of Family Planning, Mymensingh Division, expressed his congratulations to SERAC-Bangladesh for undertaking the project with priority given to the regional language of Mymensingh. He also expressed hope for continued involvement in the next phase of the project and assured full cooperation from the Directorate General of Family Planning .

In this meeting, Communication and Outreach Officer Mr. Mizanur Rahman Akanda,, Program Officer Songita Sarker, Program Associate Mr. Riad Hossain and Mr. Kamran Mia along with the Volunteer Peer Leader of SERAC-Bangladesh in Mymensingh Division were presented with others. 

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