Empowering Adolescents: SERAC-Bangladesh Hosts Vital Talkshow on Nutritional Health

On April 28th, SERAC-Bangladesh orchestrated an enlightening social media live show under the banner of NutriTeens, titled “Nourishing Adolescents & Tackling Anemia in Bangladesh.” The NutriTeens initiative aims to equip adolescents with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed dietary choices, steering them toward a brighter and healthier future.

At the forefront of this event was Dr. Abu Jamil Faisel, a distinguished Public Health Specialist, who graced the occasion as the keynote speaker. Joining him were esteemed guests, including Dr. Md. M. Islam Bulbul, Program Manager-3 (NNS) at the Directorate General of Health Services, and adolescent champions Nowshin Sharmila and Shopna Akter from Jatrabari and Mirpur areas, respectively.

Mr. SM Shaikat, Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh, delivered a thought-provoking presentation, highlighting the organization’s unwavering commitment to youth engagement in advocating nutritional services. Katha Mondal Dristi, Program Development Associate of SERAC-Bangladesh, efficiently coordinated the proceedings, while Songita Sarker, Adolescent and Youth Coordinator of the Bangladesh Youth Health Action Network, skillfully moderated the engaging program.

Mr. SM Shaikat reiterated, “We are deeply committed to involving youth in nutritional services promotion, recognizing their potential as catalysts for change within communities, schools, and households.”

Dr. Abu Jamil Faisel emphasized the critical role of caregivers and household food preparers in possessing adequate knowledge of proper food processing techniques and prioritizing nutrition in meals. He stressed the importance of community-wide interventions to yield significant outcomes in adolescent nutrition.

Dr. M. Islam Bulbul underscored the pivotal role of adolescents, particularly future mothers, in shaping the health of forthcoming generations. He advocated for initiatives at both school and community levels, such as establishing nutrition clubs and launching the Pusti Bandhu initiative, to support adolescent girls in adhering to regular iron and folic acid supplementation.

Nowshin Sharmila emphasized the essence of maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet to shield adolescents from malnutrition and combat anemia. She emphasized the significance of adhering to iron supplementation guidelines.

Shopna Akter shed light on the prevalence of misinformation regarding adolescent nutritional requirements, particularly during menstruation. She stressed the importance of prioritizing vegetables, proteins, and nutrient-rich foods to foster healthy growth.

The discussion delved into pivotal topics such as the current landscape of adolescent nutrition, strategies to combat anemia among adolescents, community perspectives, and governmental initiatives aimed at bolstering adolescent nutrition.

In summary, the NutriTeens live Talkshow hosted by SERAC-Bangladesh served as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment, illuminating pathways toward improved nutritional health for adolescents in Bangladesh. Through collaborative efforts and informed actions, we can steer the younger generation towards a healthier and more prosperous tomorrow.

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