Ensuring Public Toilet for women in International Women’s Day 2018


International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, culture and political achievement. The day also marked a call to action for accelerating gender parity. First officially named lnternational Women’s Day event held in 1911. First of all every day is a women day and we all must do everything for them. This is a world idea, finally women and men are the same well, International Women’s Day wouldn’t exist. The women have their places in the society and a one day is not enough, they deserve more.



This year, we, SERAC-Bangladesh presented a truly riveting medley of individual impression, thoughts and rights of women, how today’s women is viewing the world around them and state of women and their rights worldwide.


On 8 march, 2018 SERAC- Bangladesh organized a human chain on International Women’s Day in front of Press Club, Dhaka in Bangladesh. Women suffer the most from a lack of useable public toilets in urban and rural areas. Our motto was to build a safe sanitation for all women in Bangladesh throughout the year. Our recent development activities are public toilet renovation, building entirely for women in rural area for clean women. We should invest to develop over low cost such toilets in Dhaka city and outside. This campaign provided a platform for the women and young people to ensure public toilet for women across the country. SERAC-Bangladesh will facilitate the process in as a follow up of initiative.



The program hosted by: S M Shaikat, Jisan Mahmud, Tasnia Ahmed, Abdul Wadud, Tanzima Bhuiyan Tanny, Sharika Afrin Swarna, Nahid Onil.

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