Experiences and perceptions of mid-adolescents, parents and teachers on comprehensive sexuality education: a multiple country-based qualitative research study in Bangladesh, Jordan, Burundi

Reflecting on the main report “Experiences and Perceptions of Mid-adolescents, Parents, and Teachers on Comprehensive Sexuality Education: A Multiple Country-based Qualitative Research Study in Bangladesh, Jordan, Burundi”, SERAC-Bangladesh along with the University of Jordan, AFPA-Burundi and Share-Net Bangladesh developed 3 country-specific policy briefs to bring out the scenario of the perception and experience that the adolescents, parents, and teachers usually practice around CSE. In a broader sense, the purpose of this study was to explore the experiences, perceptions, and knowledge accessibility of mid-adolescents aged between 14 to 17, parents, and teachers aged between 28 to 52 regarding school-based comprehensive sexuality education with the infographic data for further advocacy to ensure sexuality education as universal access mechanism and a better understanding of sexuality education as well as develop country wise 3 policy briefs for Bangladesh, Burundi and Jordan accordingly. This knowledge product can contribute to the work of accessing CSE for adolescents and youth, particularly in specific countries and also at the global level.

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