Fostering Unity and Understanding: A Reflection on the Peace Adda at Rajshahi College

In a world marked by diversity and differences, platforms that bring people together to share their perspectives and build bridges of understanding are essential. The recent Peace Adda organized by the #PeaceBuilders unit of Rajshahi, in collaboration with SERAC-Bangladesh, exemplifies the power of dialogue and exchange in fostering unity among people from diverse backgrounds. The vibrant discussion was held at Rajshahi College, where students engaged in an opinion exchange on recent youth-related issues across the country.

The fundamental essence of Peace Adda lies in its ability to create a space for individuals to share their unique perspectives, experiences, and aspirations. This event serves as a microcosm of the larger movement towards creating a society where understanding and empathy thrive, breaking down the barriers that often divide us. By bringing together students from Rajshahi College, the Peace Adda aimed to bridge generational and cultural gaps, facilitating a rich exchange of ideas.


SERAC-Bangladesh’s active involvement in the Peace Adda showcased its commitment to creating positive change through open dialogue. As an organization dedicated to social development, SERAC-Bangladesh provided a valuable platform for young voices to be heard. The Executive Director, Mr. SM Shaikat, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the issues raised during the discussion and outlined potential avenues for future initiatives.

The #PeaceBuilders unit of Rajshahi took the lead in hosting this dynamic discussion, inviting students from Rajshahi College to voice their opinions on pressing youth-related issues. The event was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals, including SERAC-Bangladesh’s Executive Director, Mr. SM Shaikat, Communication and Outreach Officer, Mr. Mizanur Rahman Akanda, Associate Program Officer, Ms. Lutfa Pathan, Journalist, Mr. Waliur Rahman Babu, and Communication Focal of Rajshahi Division, Ms. Subrina Surmin Haque.

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