Mobile Court to Implement Tobacco Control Law









Non-smokers, especially women, children, elderly are being most affected due to sec0nd hand smoking. So it is essential to enforce tobacco control law to aware public about its health importance. Further, the increasing number of tobacco advertisements attract youth and juveniles, which is creating future risks for the population. Based on these facts, Mymensingh district administration with support from SERAC-Bangladesh drove a mobile court on June 17, 2015 that fined 4 persons 400 taka and organized awareness campaign around DC office, sub-registrar’s office area.

After that, the court ordered to remove illegal tobacco advertisements from a number of shops in the area. The mobile court led by Executive Magistrate Rasheda Akter, also included SERAC-Bangladesh’s Program Manager Md Oli Ahad, Project Officer Barkatullah Bhuyan Shakhawat, and members of law of enforcing agencies.

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