Procheshta Champions: Youth Ending Child Marriage

Procheshta is a featured project to reach 500 school going youth and adolescents in 2(two) sub-districts (Sadar, and Gauripur) of Mymensingh district to develop their knowledge with innovative games on local level advocacy to combat child marriage by March-2018. The idea was to enable the young people to decide on child marriage issues, and their knowledge to provoke them to become advocates in their communities to stop such cases.

Out of 500 adolescents many stepped forward to become champion in preventing child marriage, educating their peers, and taking actions to aware communities. SERAC team selected 20 such champions from the 20 schools in two sub-districts through a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice test. They were recognized by the local administration, and here they are-


Sub-district: Gouripur, Mymensingh

Suraia Akter Mim: Suraia is a ninth grader at  Mujaggor Ali Fokir High School, Gouripur, Mymensingh. She share the learned lessons with more than 15 people including her family members, friends, and relatives. She strongly believes child marriage is a grievous problem in her community, but it can be eliminated. She also thinks that she could encourage people by sharing information about demerits of child marriage. She is also a leading member of the adolescent rising club and wants to involve more young person to the group.

Naeym Al Hasan: Nayem is in class ix of Douhakhola High School, Gouripur, Mymensingh. He is the captain of the adolescent rising club and has motivated more members to join the club. He thinks that he could motivated more students by sharing and playing the game with them. Nayem is a passionate organizer and engaging more young people in his team.

Abdush Samad studies in Ramgupalpur P.J.K High School and he learned about child marriage issues mainly from reading newspaper, magazine, TV, NGO workers and family & friends. But his passion to work on child marriage drove him to share information about child marriage in his community, as a sign of his activism he educated 15 peers to engage them into the movement.

Onoy is a youth champion from Ogrodhut Niketon Adorsho High School. He talks about the harms of child marriage with his peers, family members, and neighbors regularly.  Onoy communicate messages that child marriage impacts in risk of unintended pregnancy, malnutrition, deprived from education, and girls become vulnerable to diseases like cervical cancer, HIV etc.

Maria is a eighth grade student at Nurul Amin Khan  High  School. She is leading the adolescent rising club in her school and engaged more than 10 people to the club which she is continuing  to achieve a child marriage free community.


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