Rajshahi’s Youth Councilors Take Oath in a Momentous Ceremony

The recently elected youth councilors of Rajshahi’s 1st Urban Youth Council took their oath in a significant ceremony held on Monday, March 11, 2024. This event marked a collaborative initiative between SERAC-Bangladesh and the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) along with the technical support of UN-Habitat.

This played a pivotal role in empowering the urban youth of SERAC-Bangladesh and Rajshahi City Corporation. This joint effort resulted in the successful completion of the Rajshahi 1st Urban Youth Council Election 2024.

On Monday, the elected youth councilors gathered at the auspicious setting of Rajshahi City Corporation’s Sarit Dutta Auditorium to take their oath. The chief guest for the oath-taking ceremony was the esteemed Mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation, A. H. M. Khairuzzaman (Liton), who officiated the solemn occasion by administering the oath to the newly elected youth representatives.


The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including S M Shaikat, Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh, Additional Deputy Inspector General (Crime Management) of Police, Bijoy Basak, and the panel mayors of Rajshahi City Corporation: Md. Niyamul Ul Aym, Abdul Momin, and Tahera Khatun.

In addition, Aslam-ud-Doula, the Secretary of Rajshahi Press Club, social activist Waliur Rahman Babu, along with ward councilors and officials from SERAC-Bangladesh added to the grandeur of the event.


The occasion was not just a ceremonial oath-taking; it also served as a platform for the youth councilors to introduce themselves and establish their identity within the community. The ceremony concluded on a high note, symbolizing the beginning of a promising journey for the newly elected youth councilors of Rajshahi.

This event not only signifies the success of the collaborative efforts between SERAC-Bangladesh, UNDEF, and UN-Habitat but also underlines the potential for positive change that can be instigated through meaningful youth participation in urban governance. The oath-taking ceremony stands as a testament to the commitment of these young leaders toward fostering a more inclusive and vibrant future for Rajshahi.

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