Rangpur Urban Youth Council Oath Unveils a New Chapter

In the vibrant city of Rangpur, a momentous occasion unfolded today as the inaugural Rangpur Urban Youth Council took their oath of service. The ceremony marked a significant milestone in the city’s pursuit of youth empowerment and community development. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the young leaders prepared to embark on a journey of advocacy, service, and positive transformation.

The oath ceremony took place at the Rangpur City Corporation, a symbolic space that would witness the commitment of the newly elected youth councilors to the betterment of city governance. The venue buzzed with youthful enthusiasm, anticipation, and a shared sense of responsibility among the city officials.

The newly formed Urban Youth Council reflects the rich diversity of Rangpur, with members hailing from various backgrounds, educational institutions, and community organizations. The ceremony commenced with the solemn administration of the oath conducted by the Mayor Md. Mustafizur Rahman Mustafa, a powerful moment where each youth council member pledged their commitment to the welfare of the city and its youth population. In the coming months and years, the Rangpur Urban Youth Council aims to make a tangible impact through its initiatives, advocacy, and community partnerships. The oath ceremony was not just a ceremony; it was a promise to contribute tirelessly to the social, economic, and cultural vibrancy of Rangpur.

The meeting was moderated by SERAC-Bangladesh Executive Director SM Shaikat, having Umme Fatema, CEO of RCC in chair and the honorable Mayor of Rangpur city Md. Mustafizur Rahman as the chief guest. Others include city corporation ward councilors, local press club representatives, SERAC officials including DD (Program) Md. Salim Miah, project manager Mizanur Rahman Akanda, Associate Program Officer Lutfa Pathan attended the ceremony.

This initiative is supported by the UN Democracy Fund with the technical support from UN-Habitat and implemented by SERAC-Bangladesh in partnership with the four cities including Rangpur.

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