S M Shaikat becomes Global Youth Meet Programme Committee Member


SERAC-Bangladesh’s Executive Director S M Shaikat has been nominated as a member of the Programme Committee to the 3rd Global Youth Meet to be held during November 19-21, 2014 in? Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh India on the theme of Youth, Health and Development.

GYM 2014 will enable the youth to deliberate upon and identify their health priorities in the 21st century, particularly in the wake of NCDs. GYM 2014 will also focus on suggesting innovative strategies and techniques to advocate for supportive health policies, nationally and globally, that facilitate a sustainable and healthy future. GYM 2014 hopes to provide a platform that encourages ideas and innovation guided by the methods identified by young people, particularly in low-and middle income countries. It is envisioned that GYM 2014 will help in contextualizing the growing complexities in global public health and their rising social, political and economic implications.

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