SERAC joins 278+ CSOs on a Joint Statement Marking 75th UHDR Day

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), SERAC-Bangladesh and other civil society organizations and human rights defenders unite to reflect on the journey of advancing fundamental human rights universally. The UDHR, a landmark document, has laid the foundation for 75 years of progress in promoting principles such as universality, interdependence, indivisibility, equality, freedom, and dignity.

The statement emphasizes the ongoing struggle for the full realization of rights, citing the persistence of discrimination faced by individuals and groups, particularly those experiencing intersectional discrimination. It acknowledges the threats posed by anti-rights movements that undermine the progress made by feminist, women’s rights, LGBTIQ rights, and social justice movements.

Expressing concern about the increased presence of anti-rights actors at the UN, the statement calls for a renewed commitment to the core principles of the UDHR. It underscores the importance of protecting the rights to life, health, education, non-discrimination, and freedom from violence, emphasizing the need to counter regressive forces that instrumentalize human rights language for discriminatory agendas.

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