SM Shaikat Advocates Holistic Solutions at CSO-CPD57

In a powerful and insightful speech at the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Consultation for the 57th UN Commission on Population and Development (CPD57) on March 11, SM Shaikat, Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh, emphasized the urgency of addressing a spectrum of youth issues. Integrating outcomes from the 7th Asia Pacific Population Conference, his speech resonated with the need for holistic solutions, particularly in low and middle-income countries.

Shaikat’s address delved into the multifaceted challenges faced by young people, spanning sexual and reproductive health (SRH), climate change, and comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Drawing from his extensive experience as a youth advocate and leader, he highlighted the pressing need for swift and strategic actions on a broader scale.

The speech shed light on the unfortunate debates surrounding comprehensive sexuality education during the last CPD session, underscoring the imperative to overcome barriers to healthcare, including SRH services and CSE. Shaikat stressed the significance of the CSO consultation as a crucial platform to amplify the collective voice, advocating for tangible solutions that bridge gaps in policy, resources, and collaboration across these vital youth-related issues.

His call for a commitment that transcends rhetoric resonated with the audience. Shaikat urged fellow advocates to champion policy changes and resource allocations that address the intricate challenges faced by youth. He emphasized the need to incorporate the unique perspectives of adolescents in advocacy efforts, ensuring the relevance and efficacy of solutions across the spectrum of youth-related concerns.

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