Sylhet Content Development Workshop

SERAC-Bangladesh has just initiated “Knowledge SUCCESS” project, coordinating with the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) supported by USAID and Johns Hopkins University to create audiovisual content on family planning and SRH awareness for adolescents in five districts of the country. As part of the program activity, ‘Sylhet Content Development Workshop’ was held on 28 August, 2023 at Sylhet town.
The welcome address commenced along with the moderation of the workshop by Mr. Md. Salim Miah, Deputy Director (Program), SERAC-Bangladesh. Mr. SM Shaikat, Executive Director of SERAC-Bangladesh presented the project brief and the operational planning of the project.
Mr. Md. Kutub Uddin, Director (Joint Secretary) of Family Planning, Sylhet Division, Sylhet was the chief guest of the event. Special guests included Mr. Tapan Kanti, Assistant Director of Family Planning, Sylhet. The program was chaired by Mr. Biplob Barua, Deputy Director of Family Planning, Sylhet.
In the speech of the chief guest, Mr. Md. Kutub Uddin, Director (Joint Secretary) of Family Planning, Sylhet Division, said that SERAC-Bangladesh is very cordial to work with DGFP, that’s why we are considering this organization as our part.. Various government agencies are also doing a lot to improve this sector. Currently, Sylhet’s birth rate is 2.3 which is similar to the country’s TFR (Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey, March 22) wherein the past, Sylhet was higher than the national birth rate. This is one of the significant achievements for Sylhet DGFP.  The family planning aspect of this achievement should be retained as an integrated part of SERAC-Bangladesh, and the action plan should be made in Sylhet.
Ms. Fariha Ferdous Khan, Student at MC College, Sylhet, said that I did not know that one could get immediate help by calling the emergency service number presented on the ‘Puthi’ of SERAC-Bangladesh. Today I am also happy that audiovisual materials on family planning and health awareness will be creating in Sylhet’s regional language, which will encourage our Sylhet adolescents and youth to go for ‘adolescent-friendly health care.
Mr. Raju Chandra Das, student, MC College, Sylhet, said, “This innovative project planning  of SERAC-Bangladesh seems very much interesting to me. I think we all should cooperate to implement this plan of SERAC-Bangladesh”.
Mr. Protick Endaw, Trainer (Music), Zilla Shilpakala Academy, Sylhet, said, “If the audio visuals are created by combining the traditions and culture of Sylhet, such as ‘Chatannobad’ and ‘Jagmohani’ form or ‘Dhamail Gann’, it will be more appreciated by the people of Sylhet.”
Mr. Fokhrul Islam, Journalist and Sylhet Bureau Chief, Desh Rupantor, Sylhet, thanked SERAC-Bangladesh for taking such initiatives. He requested the Family Planning Department of Sylhet division to cooperate with SERAC for accelerating their activities.
Mr. Tapan Kanti Ghosh, Assistant Director, Family Planning, Sylhet, said, “If you want to receive services, first you must know where the services are provided. I hope this project of SERAC-Bangladesh will improve the quality of service by disseminating accurate information.”
The chair of the workshop, Mr. Biplob Barua, Deputy Director of Family Planning, Sylhet, said that this creative audiovisual tool of SERAC-Bangladesh will further enhance our activities to reach accurate  family planning information at all levels. These contents that are going to be made for the local communities will reach the people of all ages.
The event was attended by Mr. Riyad Hossain, Program Associate of SERAC-Bangladesh. Mr. Nirnoy Roy, volunteer of SERAC-Bangladesh, and students from various colleges and universities in Sylhet.

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