Tackle Oil Spill Situation with Environment Friendly Measures


Sundarbans is one of the wonders and the largest mangrove forest in the world. It was recognized by UNESCO as a heritage site in 1997. The devastating oil spill in the River Shela inside Sundarbans on December 9 has put the forest in the most affecting man-made disaster in its history. Oil spill killing its flora and fauna, biodiversity is at high risk of extinction now. Considering this situation, Youth Coalition for Climate Justice, SERAC-Bangladesh and Oronodoyer Torun Dal has jointly organized a human chain in front of the National Press Club in the capital on Monday demanding urgent measures to remove oil from the Sundarbans forming a high level of expert committee immediately.

Speakers demanded, the loss has to be calculated and taken immediate environment friendly measures to stop more pollution. Government must ban all commercial naval route inside the Sundarbans, responsible parties must be brought under highest and exemplary punishment so the future incidents could be avoided.

Speakers told the press, Sundarbans is a RAMSAR Convention area and government must remain barred to construct any kind of disastrous initiative like Coal based power plant in that area. Speakers included Youth Coalition for Climate Justice?s President S M Shaikat, Program Coordinator of SERAC-Bangladesh Syed Mazarul Islam, President of Oronodoyer Torun Dal Shahidul Islam Babu, Syed Saiful Alam from WBB Trust, Samanjar Chowdhury from Active Citizens, Bangladesh Student Federation city president Raihan Taharat Leon, Kurigram Gonocommittee?s Abdus Sobhan Jewel, Tarikul Islam Hriday, Sohel Ahmed, Md. Yunus and Jasim Uddin.

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