Volunteer Peer Leader (VPL) for AFHSC

SERAC-Bangladesh has been selected and recruited 40 Volunteer Peer Leaders and station them at 20 AFHCs in Dhaka, Narayanganj, Mymensingh and Netrakona districts under Dhaka and Mymensingh divisions and to engage them with the adolescents friendly health centers (AFHC).

A call for application has been promoted over social media, online portal, SERAC website and local newspaper which has been processed by those in-charge of the recruitment process. A recruitment committee had been formed with 5 members who were responsible for the selection and recruitment of the VPLs. The job description contained the time period, responsibilities of the VPLs (organizing school based connectivity outreach events, organizing adolescents’ mobilization campaigns, attending monthly, quarterly, sub-national, and national advocacy meetings and other engagement events related to the project). The VPLs had been selected based on their previous experience of local community engagement/campaign arrangement, mobility & community geography knowledge, ability to communicate effectively in both online and offline meetings, access to technology/internet and their networking with the youths within the local area.  After the completion of the recruitment process, all the 40 VPLs were invited for a short introductory meeting (online) to introduce them with each other and with the Shukhi Jibon team (SERAC-Bangladesh), to welcome and motivate them, to provide a short briefing their work followed by a Foundation training

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